Open Source Blogging

I grant full permission to use any of the content on my blogs: ::Anja Murez::, ::On a Health Trip in Vienna, Austria ::, ::ANE — The Ancient Near East Blog ::, ::Hot Feedback ::, ::Jazz Up Your English:: and on my wikis or in my ebooks in any way you like.

I release my copyright on this content.

This post is an official notification that my writing and photographs are now in the public domain. I hereby waive all claim of copyright in this work; it may be used or altered in any manner without attribution or notice to the me. Attribution, of course, is appreciated.


This blog is part of the La Lingueria :: Die Spracheria Project :: an intercultural learning space by and for teens. Based in Vienna, Austria, we offer free English and other language courses & writing workshops, and Language Cafés for teens and adults.

The Project is funded by donations only. We rely on your generosity to make it possible. Thank you!

Making a donation online, with PayPal


Everyday Zenchanging and being changed by the world; Free Culture, by Lawrence Lessig; and GNU by Richard Stallman; :zenhabits


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